Boards and HR – how oversight of human capital works

Boards and HR report coverThis report addresses the questions “do boards achieve good oversight of their human capital?” and, if so, “how?” – and “what part should, and currently do, HR leaders play?”

We are not just talking about executive pay and CEO succession. We mean ensuring that the strategy won’t be derailed by people risks, eg about leadership, talent or skills. We also mean how corporate governance connects with HR governance to manage performance and reputation. Ultimately this question concerns standards of behaviour – and examples emerge week by week of challenges for boards and HR functions in both private and public organisations.

We interviewed CHROs and board directors from 27 leading organizations, mainly headquartered in the US and UK, to indicate both good practice and what issues arise.

Our report benefitted from the support and involvement of Dave Ulrich, who contributed some thoughts of his own, and from sponsorship by Kenexa and IDDAS.

An article we wrote summarising our work won the Human Resource Planning Society’s Walker Prize in 2013 for the ‘most state-of-the-art contribution to HR thinking or practices’.

The summary report available here provides ample pointers to both issues and good practice. However, we had both to be concise and to deal with a great deal of sensitive material. If you wish to benefit from our in-depth experience and insights into board and HR leadership issues, contact (Europe) or (North America)

Get the report here: Boards & HR



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