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Interview with Imperial Brand’s Andy Newell and research Andrew Lambert on a blueprint for HR’s future.


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Smarter Annual report cover 2 The Smarter Annual Report

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HRPS article: Bassi Creelman Lambert: Consistent Standards on Reporting HR Outcomes

HR missing out on integrated reporting benefits (by Katie Jacobs)

Human capital is not a thing


ANSI Standard Public Consultation

Brazil Moves from Credit Analysis to Analysis of Intangibles
(Video about credit analysis paper (30 seconds))

HR Metrics for Investors – the coming ANSI standard
 (Video about investor metrics paper (20 seconds))

A board-capable HR leader – what to look for

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The board-capable HR leader

Getting HR expertise into the boardroom


The long road to reporting on human capital
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Walker Award article CreelmanLambertThis article first appeared in HRPS People & Strategy Journal, Volume 35, No. 3, 2012. Published by HR People & Strategy, all rights reserved.

Helping the Board Oversee Succession Planning

The Pressured Comp Committee

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